Park Place School, Remenham, Henley-on-Thames

July 2001The visit to Park Place took place, after several months of contact with present owner. We had a lovely sunny day, and was shown around by the groundsman. It brought back some pleasant memories, and it was the first time, some of us have been back in 36 years.Jan 2002I am in contact with a member of the Pop Group Darts, trying to find out info on the 1978 school fete.Feb 2002I am trying to attain some photos of the Conways in the 1850’s at Park Place. I am in contact with a woman, who’s grandmother worked at Park Place.Question. I have been asked about the two group names within the school?
Answer. These were Conway and Damer, named after one of the previous owners and his daughter.March 2002I have been informed of a book on Park Place. I am currently arranging a time, so I can get a copy.April 2002The school reunion was held in the Anchor Hotel in Henley-on-Thames on Sat 6th April 2002. A great day was had by all. Those who attende were—- Tony Tieman, Peter Bowes, Alan and Bob Bailey, Pat Lewis, Adrian Fresco, Gordon Lenard, Peter Nye, Brian Owen and wife, Sarah Ridings, John Dye, Richard Cage, Pierre McNess, Richard O’Gallaghan, Mike Norris, Fred Haskins, Luke Copeland, Barry Worsfield, Anthony Steele, Michael Hambridge and Shaun Bailey.Jan 2003A former student of Park Place, wants any information on Dave Walker, Dave Glover
(houseparents) and Danny Stroud, Andrew Matthews (pupils) between late seventees to mid eightees.Jan 2003I had an email from Alison Rosser saying her Mother Nurse Rosser is doing fine. They are also in contact with June Shelton and Peter Blackburn.Sept 2003Met up with Brian Owen for a drink while on holiday in Lincs.Nov 04A group of ex pupils met up at Park Place along with Mr and Mrs Owen. This was organised by Luis Santamaria. Park Place is now under new management and the current owners have big plans for the development of the old school. I am sure that the current owners will be more approachable. When I hear anything about the plans etc, I will let you know. I will ask any old boys not to contact Park Place as things have to be done through the proper channels. I am hopeful that they might allow a bigger group when things get more established at Park Place.